Privacy Policy

Updated August 22, 2012

Purpose of collecting data

  • To provide site statistics to gauge popularity, usage patterns, and ultimately help decide on the best way to monetize the site.
  • To solve technical problems. For example, we may be able to directly correlate errors in our logs with a user's email address. It may also be useful in banning malicious IP's or users.
  • In the future it may be necessary to support this free service with advertisements. If advertisements are implemented, information will not be shared retroactively, and relevant changes to the privacy policy will be made.

Details of data retention

IP address and other technical information

Most webservers collect this information in their logs by default. Third parties may be able to identify users by IP address alone (usually by a warrant). We will not give this information out to third parties unless required by law. However, if at some point this service becomes ad-supported, an ad network would have access to this information as well.

Account Information

Upon first logging in, we may record some account information such as e-mail address, username, IP address, country, and available storage space. Usernames and email addresses are typically collected by sites during a registration process such as this. We will not share email addresses with third parties unless required by law, but may use them to contact users with important information related to this service such as new features or changes to the terms of service and privacy policy. This information is primarily for internal diagnostic and analytic purposes.

Error logs

The contents of your cloud must be relayed through our servers. While we do not store this information, some of it may end up in error logs should an error occur. This information will not be shared with a third party unless legally required, but may be kept indefinitely


We store your login information in your browser's cookies. It may be a username and encrypted password, or a key secret pair. So, you should be sure to log out of untrusted computers when you are finished with them. You are responsible for your browser's security and this personal information.
If the site becomes ad-supported, additional cookies may be added by a third party ad network.


We store file information in your browser's HTML5 localStorage for performance and offline use. This includes, filenames, paths, metadata, and open file contents. Again, you should be sure to log out of untrusted computers when you are finished with them, and we cannot be responsible for your browser's or your computer's security.


We believe in maintaining privacy of user data is important. This policy is designed to safeguard such information. However, we cannot guarantee that user information will remain private. We acknowledge that, in spite of our committed effort to protect private user information, determined individuals may still develop data mining or other methods to uncover such information and disclose it. For this reason, we can make no guarantee against unauthorized access to information.

Text of this Privacy Policy is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. Portions of this text are from Wikipedia.