File Browser

Screenshot of the file browser

The file browser loads files by AJAX and stores the file structure in your browsers localStorage, so it's fast and available offline. It has different icons for different file types, and displays size information for directories and currently selected items.


Screenshot of the editor

So, here's the editor - the important part, right? If you don't like the color scheme, you can change it yourself in the preferences (top right). It is based on CodeMirror 2. It highlights matching brackets, automatically indents, syntax highlights, and can search and replace. If the correct syntax is not detected, you can override it.


Screenshot of the editor saving

When you hover over a tab, it shows you information on the file like how big it is, what type it is, where it is, and when it was saved. It has a nifty line that shows you if it was saved, saved locally, or has unsaved changes which turns green, yellow, and red respectively.

... If you're still looking, why not just try it out? It's free!